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Kawah Ijen

Ijen volcano, an active volcano which has an altitude of 2443 meters and has erupted four times in 1796, 1817, 1913, 1936.

Here there is a place that is so beautiful and it is always tempting to visit, Kawah Ijen. to reach the Ijen crater there are two paths that the north and south lanes,first tourists choose the north path means we go past the Situbondo, towards sempol pass garduatak Wonosari, then proceed to Paltuiding that can be achieved with a distance of 93 km and takes about 2.5 hours.but more better if use banyuwangi when youcame from bali island, Once you reach the summit crater of Ijen. then you will find a very beautiful crater which is usually called the Ijen crater.

 Kawah Ijen crater is acidic green water Toscca, topped with high ijen 2368 meters above sea level, the lake depth of 200 meters and 5466 hectares wide crater. Ijen crater lake, a lake multicomponent reactor in which the process, both physics and chemistry. Such as between the release of magmatic gases, rock dissolution, precipitation, formation of new material, and dissolving back substances - are formed. resulting in lake water is very acidic and contains dissolved material with a very high concentration.

In addition, other phenomena resulting crater is certainly suplimat sulfur. Sublimation gas produced from the sulfur - sulfur gases contained in sulfaltara acid temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius, with a capacity of 8 tons of sulfur per day. Here tourists will meet the sulfur miners who perform daily activities to collect and print sulfur. which turned out to have advantages able to treat skin diseases, as bleach sugar, cosmetic ingredients, a mixture of soap and mixed materials for the manufacture of vehicle tires.

admiration does not stop here. Fenoma beautiful from the crater of Ijen were able to beat the sunrise and sunsets are blue Fire / Blue Fire / Blue Flame. To see a blue flame coming out from the blast of hot gas from the pipeline sulfatara, tourists should wait for the night time by using a tour guide and that means tourists should start climbing early in the morning. a struggle indeed, but believe me look at the beauty of blue fire highly enough to pay your struggles trip. The time used the climb to see the blue flame in the crater of Ijen between 02.00 am until 03.00 pm from Paltuding.Beberapa public facilities in Paltuding including camping ground, rest area, mosque, stalls, and toilets.


Sulfur miners

The scenery is no less stunning than the crater of Ijen is the activity of the sulfur miners who indulge daily in Ijen crater. About 350 miners, consisting of the pawon and sulfur bearers who work PT. Canding Rimbi, Castle Village. Named the Pawon which means kitchen in the Java language, are those who come into contact with sulfur. Ranging from controlling the release of gas sulfatara of iron pipes, cooling pipes to flush some parts of the tube so hot gas decreases and the process sumblimasi sulfur faster, and take the sulfur that has been frozen with traditional tools "crowbar", then collected to be transported by the carrier sulfur usually called bearers.

The sulfur bearers will take the sulfur from the crater using tradisinonal basket made of bamboo, in a time of conveyance of the bearers can carry sulfur between 50 kg to 80 kg, but there are several bearers that can menganggkut sulfur up to 100 kg. the bearers in one day can take up to twice sulfur.

Sulfur had been transported to the weighing brought in two places first "cottage Bunder" and the last post "Paltuding", the sulfur miners traveled from the crater to the post terakir 3 km.


The process of sulfur

Sulfur has been transported and assembled together in the post Paltuding then transported by truck to the village Blambangan to do the sorting. This process by heating the entire sulfur in a large furnace with burning coals. Liquid sulfur will be filtered to separate kotaran form of pebbles and shards of wood.

Sulfur that is clean in print in accordance with market demand, the mold can be shaped plates or small spheres.

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