Sukamade turtle tour  

This beautiful beach located in Pesanggaran subdistrict is one of Indonesia's most important turtle spawning grounds. Five species of sea turtle come ashore regularly to lay their eggs on these sands. Located on the southern coast, this beach is called Sukamade Turtle beach, a good place for relaxing and enjoying the sunset.

Sukamade Beach is a part of Meru Betiri National Park. The park that has been set in colonial era as one of wildlife reserved in east java is worth to visit during your vacation in Indonesia.


if we are lucky enought we will found more than 1 Big turtle laying their eggs on this trip 

Location : South-west of Kalibaru
Distance : 108 km
Duration : 2 days and 1 night
Schedule : 13:30 pm


Witness one of the greatest natural events of surviving pre-historic turtles as a great and unforgettable vacation experience. The principal object of this adventure tour is watching the turtles laying their eggs on a virgin secluded beach which is well-known as SUKAMADE BEACH. Before searching for the turtles you will pass through tropical low-land rainforest on the southern coast of Java. The peak season for green turtles (mostly found laying their eggs on Sukamade Beach) is on during the wet season but usually reduced activity can be found observed during the entire year.

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