Osten Cafe by Teras Hotel and Villa

This osten cafe by teras ijen hotel ad villa is great Hang out place, which officially opened on January 7, 2022, is indeed quite unique.

Starting from the shape of the building, ornaments to the thick furniture of Banyuwangi traditional nuances. Every corner is almost filled with a touch of high art. So don't be surprised, Cafe Osten by Teras ijen hotel and villa, is also very suitable for young people who are passionate about taking selfies.

Teras hotel and villa

For international tourists, this place is suitable for lunch or dinner.
 For traveler on the budget we are not recommend to stay at this hotel , the price for the room at the hotel is too high for the facilities that are still standard as they have now. if you are  looking for a good place to stay in a budget try osingvacation which is really close to Osten cafe banyuwangi and kunang-kunang tent resort

The good news, the coffee and all the culinary at Cafe Osten, are quite pocket-friendly. Priced from IDR 15-25 thousand only.

cafe osten banyuwangi

How about you, are you interested in enjoying authentic Banyuwangi coffee and traditional Bumi Blambangan food at Cafe Osten Banyuwangi? Just come to Krajan Kluncing, Licin. This place is open from 11.00 - 20.00 WIB