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Baluran National Park Tour

Baluran National Park Tour is about to enjoy small Africa in east java, there is animal life free,♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
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Baluran National Park Tour is the largest expanse of savanna on Java,
 making visit here as if you were in Africa.

Baluran Nasional Park Tour
  In Baluran there is truly amazing nature when hundreds of deer run around to the puddle of water, male peacocks widen their tails to attract the attention of the female, dozens of large, sturdy buffaloes, dozens of eagles looking for food, until langurs and makaka hanging.

 Not to mention the typical Baluran trees that resemble betel nut trees and produce 1 ton of fruit for life and then die. The pilang tree, which is trunked in white and lush, if you observe it carefully, it will look like a tree in the movie "Avatar" and a leafy shady bekol tree with a magical.

"People usually call it Baluran national park banyuwangi, One of Indonesia's charming natural beauty. but they are wrong, its not part of banyuwangi city, its part of Situbondo city,"

How to get to baluran national park? 
you need to buy baluran national park entrance fee at the gate it cost around IDR 150k on weekday and idr175k on weekend,
 if you ask about baluran national park hotels, you will never find it, because the closest city is 50km away but if you don't want so much struggle on your baluran national park tour,
 you can  baluran national park tour with us, 
we will manage all the stuff for you : 
  1. entrance fees, 
  2. transport,
  3. driver, 
  4. hotel and many more,
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