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Tour Ijen Sukamade Banyuwangi

Tour Ijen Sukamade are combination of sukamade adventure and ijen blue fire start from Banyuwangi or other city in east java and Bali.

Sukamade is the place where can you see turtles on the beach, of course depend on sukamade beach turtle season itself, but mostly everynight the turtles came out to lay their eggs on this sukamade turtle beach
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 On this Sukamade and ijen tour  we'll bring you to an amazing experince of the night adventure on ijen crater to the night  of turtles beach banyuwangi.

big turtle on sukamade beach

In this tour, we will take you to a very remote place at the end of Banyuwangi, looking for a new experience in the dense forest of Sukamade,

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Kawah Ijen, Ijen Crater Tour Information

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sukamade turtle beach tour

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Bromo Ijen Sukamade Tour Packages From Bali Surabaya or Malangbiggest turtle in sukamade indonesia,bromo ijen sukamade tour

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