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Banyuwangi city tour

Banyuwangi city tour is a walking tour.
Starting from our place osingvacation walk to sabha Swagata Blambangan,

Pendopo sabha Swagata Blambangan 
Jl. Sritanjung, Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur, 

Pendopo Sabha Swagata Blambangan is the official residence of the Banyuwangi Regent since the reign of Regent Joko Supaat Slamet. Previously, the district administration (the District Government Office) occupied this building.

 This building has existed since the establishment of the Regency (or called Regentschap in the Dutch colonial period) Banyuwangi or during the reign of the first regent of Tumenggung Wiroguno I or Mas Alit. This building is located in the Sritanjung Park area,

then continue to walk to the traditional market, Buddhist temple, Santen beach and Boom beach 

This tour will take around 3-4 hours journey and we think it will be good to spend time before we do ijen tour in that night,

For now you can find another recommendation from Tripadvisor by keyword tours Banyuwangi or Banyuwangi city tour, Cause this tour is not available anymore since osing vacation address change a few month ago

Here is the detail view of the place that we visit  :

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